A Little Bit of Catching Up

With the wedding, work, traveling, and other time-consuming activities, I haven’t been able to spend the time on this blog that I intended back in September when I started it. I overestimated the free time I would have following the wedding in a wide VARIETY of ways. BUT, I am recently re-fueled in my motivation, catalyzed by Andrea – so here I go again for another try! I had taken some related pictures with the intention of posting, so I will work with those now.


Andrea and her mom threw the most WONDERFUL bridal shower for me at their house. They decided to go in a bit of a different direction with their theme, and knowing my love for wine – that made the perfect centerpiece for this get together! Guests were asked to bring two bottles of wine – one to pass at the shower and one to add to our collection (which is consumed almost as quickly as it is received). In addition to my favorite beverage of choice, they provided a wide variety of delectable dishes that kept the girls from getting TOO tipsy on wine.

Desserts were a must – all evening, we noshed on these delicious cupcakes, cookies and a special treat: Andrea’s homemade pistachio creation. At the end of the evening, there were only about three cupcakes left, and like a good wife, I tried to bring some home to share with the boy since he wasn’t invited to the party. The ziploc bag we used to ferry them home from the party, however, turned out to be a subpar vessel. Despite their smushed state, they were still consumed with no complaints upon arrival!

In addition to all the wonderful desserts, the savory snacks were both fulfilling and delicious. Tomatoes and mozzarella topped with basil, several different kinds of tostadas, olives, meatballs, crackers, cheese and dips beyond imagination. It was the most generous and loving shower I could have asked for from an amazing Maid of Honor and her family! Instead of typical shower games, we played wine-related trivia games with tasty bottles of vino as the prize.

After we’d eaten (almost) all the food and conquered several bottles of wine, we headed out to a local bar to meet up with some of the boys that had gathered with Dan and we all danced the night away (that totally cancels out all those calories we ate, right?) This night was one of the most memorable, fun and heartwarming of the time leading up to the wedding. I felt so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life that put so much time and effort into thinking of details that would make me happy and bringing the whole concept to fruition.

For me, that was what the wedding was all about – the people we got to share it with. With this shower being just about a month and a half before the actual wedding, it made me even more excited to share our day with others and have the time of our lives! I will report, we received MANY bottles of wine from generous friends as a result of this shower, and within three weeks, we had finished them all. Some of them I managed to snap pictures of and they COULD make an appearance in this blog. Some, however, were gone before a photograph could take place, so I guess I will just have to buy them again sometime to share them with you!


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