The title of this post pretty much says it all, I think, but don’t worry – I’ll elaborate.

We went kitchen-gadget crazy when we set up our registry. When you are at Bed, Bath & Beyond, you forget about the limitations of your kitchen, and stop worrying about how much counter space that waffle iron will take up. One seemingly frivolous request we had, which turned out to be pure heaven, was our fondue set. Two weeks before the wedding, exhausted and exhilarated, we were too lazy to go out to dinner, so we decided to spice up the evening with FONDUE!!!

First we made a stop at Caputo’s to pick up the cheese and also the dippers to soak it all up. We saw these babies at the meat counter, and decided to use the grill to fire up some lamb kabobs as well!

Hubbins mixed about four different cheeses together, combined with some beer and “secret ingredients” – meaning, a secret to me – trust me, after how well this meal turned out, if I knew the recipe, I’d share it immediately! While he was busy with his top secret concoction, I was put in charge of pre-dinner drinks. As I mentioned here – we had received a plethora of delicious wines for my bridal shower, and we took this opportunity to test the first bottle.


As you can see, I was very excited to try a new type of wine as sometimes I tend to stick to known favorites, but branching out is always a good thing! I had made another resolution to be more diligent about writing reviews of the wines I drink in order to chronicle them, but also to try to learn my wine palette a bit better and become more versed in “wine lingo.” Although I know this particular resolution has not yet become a habit, I DID manage to get a review on Snooth of the Naked Grape Pinot Grigio – here.

After bustling in the kitchen for only about 45 minutes, this meal was fully prepared and the final product was a sight to behold indeed.

The dipping utensils included lamb, carrots, tomatoes, crusty bread, apples and pears. We both agreed that the bread was our favorite (because you could use it to soak up the most cheese) – but the apple and cheese combination was also QUITE delectable. We almost never do this, but Penny was SO intent on snatching the food off our low table, we had to put her in the kitchen!

Cheese is one of her favorites, and she was VERY indignant that we would enjoy it without offering to share.

In case anyone is wondering, we didn’t even come close to finishing all this food, so we had yummy leftovers to enjoy throughout the whole next week – the vegetables were very convenient to bring to work for mid-morning snacks! We have only made fondue the one time – so I’m excited to try making CHOCOLATE fondue. Yum!


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