A Supremely “Egg” Cellent Breakfast

I hate/love puns. Especially ones about food. For instance, I love the phrase “Pastabilities” but HATE the name of the restaurant, “Eggsperience.” (For the record, I also hate the pun I used in my post title, but let’s not get in to the issue of self-loathing, it’s too early in the day.)

This morning was another beautiful morning workout. As I remarked to husband on our way home from the gym as the sun was coming up, “There are a LOT of benefits to early morning workouts.” For instance, at this time of year, without fail, tons more people pour into the gym than are normally there in an attempt at a “New Year, New You” resolution. I am all for the masses getting in to shape, but the problem is, everyone wants to do it at once, and apparently our gym has not heard of a “maximum capacity.” SO, if you unwittingly head to pump some iron after work, you could experience a wait time of up to 30 minutes for your favorite cardio machine, have no luck finding a locker AND discover that inexperienced gym-goers have destroyed a lot of the weight machines (particularly those with a pulley – for some reason, these are always the first to go!) Going in the morning, however, enables us to miss a LOT of the crowds and workout at our own pace without claustrophobia clawing its way in.

This morning, I warmed up on the Arc Trainer for about 20 minutes (while savoring an episode of “Saved By the Bell” that I SOMEHOW haven’t seen before), and then moved on to what I hope will prove to be an intense arm circuit – triceps, biceps, the whole nine yards. After all that, I thought protein to be the perfect complement. Luckily, husband’s specialty in the morning are the BEST egg creations known to man.

This morning he took this:

That is to say, veggie bacon (which smells JUST like real bacon when it’s cooking! Ask our dog.) and some magic avocado (meaning, he found it in our fridge when I had no idea of its existence).

And he mixed it with some egg whites to create a final product that looked like heaven on a plate. The photo below was after I ate a piece of bacon and took a couple of bites…I couldn’t resist!

Oh AND he looks really adorable when he cooks 🙂

And that is the story of breakfast for today, boys and girls. Until next time!

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