Random Questions of Fashion

So I’m no fashion-guru. Today I discovered what might account for at least part of my problem. I don’t pay enough attention to detail. ORRRRRRRRRRRR I’m color-blind. You decide! Sometimes, when I find a pant/shoe combo that works, I stick with it faithfully, particularly when I’m getting ready for work. On weekday mornings, I want to be on autopilot and go with what works. Today, however, I was feeling saucy, and decided to mix it up! I thought I was being clever, and decided to pick a color out of the plaid in the shoes I was wearing and emphasize it with my socks. In my excitement, however, instead of grabbing the green socks I intended, I ended up with teal! The end result is below. I’m not really sure how I feel about it, but I had it all day to decide!


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