I forgot!

Husband made the most amazing dinner. He cleaned, seasoned and cooked squid! Can you believe it? It was amazing. It tasted so good, and it was healthy, too. I just…forgot to take a picture. Hey!  I was packing for CES. Hopefully some day, you will all forgive me and I can move on. We did, however, indulge in SOME wine. It’s a must for me when I pack, because it eases the pain (I HATE packing!!!) See below for answers to the universe:

I enjoyed it in one of our wedding presents. We registered for SO many wine glasses! Which is nice, because I break them all the time! Tonight, husband and I discovered that I like stemless and he likes stems. Wonder why that is? Below is what I enjoyed my wine in. I just love these little guys!

So little left in my glass! Guess that means it’s time to go to bed 🙂 I’ll read my “real book.” Real book means NOT my Kindle Book – my Kindle is charging for my trip tomorrow. SO in the meantime, I am reading this full fledged “real” book:

I’m kind of obsessed with Jodi Picoult and I love buying her books at the airport when I travel for business. I think husband was a little hurt when he saw that I had purchased this book while away the last time. He said “Why didn’t you buy that on your Kindle?” (insert pouty face here). Oh, he bought me the Kindle for my birthday back in October, so he has a vested interest. I didn’t buy it on my Kindle, however, because I LOVE the way her books look lined up on my shelf. I’m neurotic, I know. The preliminary collection looks something like this:

Isn’t it lovely? I know. I agree. Ok – off to bed! Tomorrow is the last 5am workout of the week, so it had better be a good one! I downloaded my new playlist – 90 songs. I’ll share the top ten with you after I’ve had a chance to absorb it. G’night!

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