Two great workouts

I am finally back on track (a little) with food, workouts, etc. and I feel MUCH better. I’m such a routine person.

My workouts both this morning and yesterday morning were particularly productive and helpful for some of my fitness goals (I can tell because of how sore I already am!) so I thought I would document them somewhere … this seems like a good place!

Monday Morning workout:

25 minutes on the Arc Trainer
3 sets of 15 pull-ups (I do these on the weighted pull-up machine at our gym, and I am proud to say that I started at only about ten pounds of my own body weight but am now up to 30!!!)
3 sets of 15 tricep dips
3 sets of 15 at the seated row machine on 75 pounds
3 sets of 15 at the seated row machine (push) on 60 pounds

Tuesday Morning Workout:

10 minutes on the elliptical (Husband suggested that a couple of workouts a week, I tone down the cardio to provide more time and energy on the weights to confuse my body and spice things up. I agreed!)

I created a “circuit” for myself for abs and legs. This was done three times in quick succession, which actually supplemented my cardio workout more than I would have estimated!

1. 10 squats on the Bosu Ball with 10 pound dumbbells
2. 10 squats off the Bosu Ball with 10 pound dumbbells
3. 10 squat kicks with an 8 pound medicine ball
4. 60 second plank
5. 30 second oblique planks
6.  10 Stability Ball Mountain Climbers

Reference to number six, it’s part of the core exercises I read about in Women’s Health magazine not too long ago – I have to say, I’ve definitely noticed a difference than when I stick with my normal “crunches” routine!

Since I have a little more flexibility in my schedule than usual this week, I will rest tomorrow and attempt to do two more intense workouts on Thursday and Friday. I will be planning Thursday’s tonight and tomorrow through fitness magazine workouts, etc. Dan has planned our “Gym Date” for Friday (we decided to workout together once a week and take turns planning the other’s demise) and he got so excited, he already drafted the routine, which looks like this. I’m afraid.

4 thoughts on “Two great workouts

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