Fitness Fantasies

A consistent conversation in my life lately has revolved around running races lately. First, I sat down with Andrea and we both decided that marathons are not for us. Then Julie at PBFingers went through a personal dilemma on the topic, which I felt compelled to comment upon. Then, it came up again today, in an email chain with a friend. Although I am NOT an avid or even a very good runner, I am starting to consider the possibility of participating in an organized fitness event to push myself to comply with a goal that has a time and distance set for me. I briefly contemplated running a 5K at a Turkey Trot this year, but ended up chickening out with all the time devoted to the wedding (as in, NOT devoted to 5K training). I’ve seen many of my friends go through this process, however, and witnessed the end payoff. Currently, there are a few options I am considering for myself:

1. A 31 Floor Stair Climb to benefit the American Lung Association

2. A “Bunny Dash” – basically an Easter-themed 5K

3. RACE TO WRIGLEY!!!! A 5K AND the Cubs? I think this might be a winner.

I’m still not sure. Perhaps I have fitness-commitment issues. OR I’m afraid that my training will become very one-sided due to my tendency toward tunnel-vision. A 5K isn’t that long, however, I think I could sneak it in amidst my other training over the next few months.

3 thoughts on “Fitness Fantasies

  1. I’m signing you up for Run to Home Plate with me. It’s the same weekend the Cubbies are in town, which is also the weekend you guys will be here. A 9k in which the finish line is crossing home plate at Fenway is JUST what the doctor ordered to take away those running blues.

  2. haha i appreciate the offer, kris. we’ll see how the 5k goes before i sign up for almost twice that 😉 that much distance really doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest right now!

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