Disney Does Sports

There are several wonderful sports-related movies out there. Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, Hoosiers, Space Jam, The Big Green, League of Their Own, Bend It Like Beckham, etc. But for some reason, in my humble opinion, Disney does the BEST sports movies. MY two faves are: Remember the Titans and The Miracle.

Aside from my undying love for Denzel Washington and the unforgettably amazing soundtrack, this movie has it all. I laugh, I cry … and I truly believe that a high school football team could solve just about any problem, no matter how big or small.

Same concept here, but replace football with hockey. I have to say, last year during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, I was thinking about two things. My commemorative Olympic mittens 

and The Miracle. They’re intrinsically linked in my mind. Let’s hear it for memorable movies with a positive memory that leave a great impression AND promote physical fitness. The scene in The Miracle where the coach makes his team skate sprints until they throw up makes me think of my high school soccer days …

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