Holding out Hope for Tomorrow

Last night, I dreamed of a wonderful oatmeal breakfast. It had fruit, and brown sugar, and perhaps a touch of granola. What ended up happening, however, was a very different story. You may notice that in a majority of my delicious breakfast posts, I am not the chef. I have a very difficult time finagling my routine to get in a workout, a prepared lunch, a shower, an outfit AND breakfast … so most of the time I have quite a bit of help from my number one cohort. Unfortunately, this morning, he left before I even got up. As a result, I slept in, half-heartedly completed my getting ready routine, and ended up with this for breakfast:

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy fiber as much as the next person. It just wasn’t the romantic start to my day that I had previously envisioned. I did add a nectarine for a bit more inspiration, but it was a disappointing start to the day. Lunch was equally bleak, I didn’t even bother to take pictures of that. Dinner was leftovers, and there you have my sad eating day in a nutshell, folks. All I can do is hope for better tomorrow. More creative lunches and breakfasts are DEFINITELY part of my overall plan for 2011. Watch out!




One thought on “Holding out Hope for Tomorrow

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