Revvin’ up the Metabolism

This morning, I triumphantly forced myself to run. I did a mile in 11 minutes. For those of you who run a lot, or probably even people that don’t, this number may strike you as unimpressive. I don’t care. Doing it is half the battle for me when it comes to running, and the endurance WILL come. I just need to keep it consistent. I also didn’t stop after my one mile victory. I stopped to walk for one song, and then pumped myself back up to run another .75 mile. It was glorious. After my ab workout (same as the one here) – I was happy and sweaty!

Husband told me he was going to rev up my metabolism this morning with some eggs en fuego, and boy did he!

Eggs with jalapeno, red peppers and hot salsa jolted my mouth awake immediately!

Penny also wanted a taste to get her going on a cold winter morning:

I’m fairly convinced (and Husband thinks I’m nuts), that Penny is suffering from depression related to the season. Usually when she comes in from her morning walk, she bounds around the room, picking up every toy she owns, attempting to convince ANYONE to play with her. But this morning, like most mornings lately, she looks like this instead:

Poor puppy. I’m attempting to convince Husband that we need to get her a sun lamp for her ailment. He isn’t convinced. Perhaps she needs to eat healthier and exercise, as I’ve heard that can help with such things!

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