My Dream Breakfast Come True, Finally!

Earlier this week, I had oatmeal on my brain for breakfast as a nice warm antidote to the frigid winter weather blues. It didn’t work out on that particular day, but it was well worth the wait when I dug in to this beauteous bowl today:

I love to cook the frozen fruit in the oatmeal bowl in the microwave – it provides an extra bit of moisture for the oats and just delivers an all-over infusion of the raspberries and strawberries that can’t be beat. This bowl also features a bit of peanut butter and brown sugar for some sweetness and protein. I also love the way oatmeal tastes when you drink a big cup of coffee alongside. Do they have coffee-flavored oatmeal? If they don’t, they certainly should.

Along with this wonderful breakfast, I had hoped to bring you a recap of a wildly successful “workout date” as was planned by Husband and looked like this. Sadly, through extenuating circumstances, this workout had to be postponed. It is my theory that Husband is just trying to build up more fear and anticipation about the aforementioned workout …. so we shall see.

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