Wine deals!

Husband has found a new liquor store where he finds the most unbelievable deals on wine. He has brought home legendary bottles from Duckhorn, Cakebread, and the like for prices that leave my jaw on the floor. Last night was another one of those nights. When I arrived home from work, he had these two gems waiting for me on top of our bar:

After exchanging umpteen rounds of “No, you pick!” Husband finally opted to open the Merlot to enjoy before and during dinner.

Before our honeymoon in Napa, I was never a huge fan of Merlot – perhaps because I had only tasted the “cheaper” wineries’ rendition of it. Once you have a well-made Merlot, however, there is no turning back. This vintage was exceptionally tasty. It was smooth, with the perfect amount of dryness and fruitiness. It was a beautiful blackberry color with unbelievable consistency. It went down very smoothly and tasted delicious with our chicken, and served as a wonderful pre-dinner drink on a freezing cold Chicago winter evening. We can only hope that this precious liquor store continues to stock the best in California wines and goes on pricing them according to our budget as opposed to the value they truly hold. Cheers!


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