Friday Night Din Din

An informal ritual in our house is for Husband and I to spend any free Friday nights we have making a pizza. We usually pick a theme, such as Mediterranean or Mexican – pick up all the ingredients, and go to town! Last night, however, because we were going out with some friends afterward, we decided to keep it fairly simple with a rice remixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx …. oh sorry, the record got stuck :). We took some dried beans, canned corn, rice, tomatoes and tomatillos – and threw them all in our rice cooker (one of my FAVORITE kitchen appliances, by the way). The bad news is, that for some reason, the dried beans didn’t quite cook all the way through this time. The good news is that I forgot to take a picture of it, so the memory of this dish will be short-lived. We ate it anyway, and just focused on the better part of our meal. Dan’s second wine win!

Artesa was one of our favorite wineries from our Napa Valley honeymoon trip, and luckily, it has also been the easiest to find in our local liquor and wine stores! This 2006 vintage should normally cost a lot more … but we got it for quite a steal. And it did not disappoint! A smooth, creamy Pinot Noir, with hardly ANY hint of a gritty aftertaste, it was the perfect wine to enjoy without any food at all! Sometimes if the wine is too full bodied or heavy, it needs a nice juicy steak or the equivalent to pair with it. This was just fine on its own – hints of blackberry and cherry were prominent, with a hint of spice to warm us up on a cold winter’s night.


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