Sunday Funday

While watching football, beer drinking is a fairly standard practice. Today was no different. Today, Husband and I were “helping” my dad. After Christmas in Virginia, my dad was sent home with several cases of excess beer that my brother couldn’t possibly have consumed or taken home with him on a plane. A majority of these, thankfully, were one of our favorite breweries – MAGIC HAT! Husband tried two different kinds:

Husband prefers a good IPA to almost anything else, but he loves all kinds of Magic Hat. It’s a delicious staple, mainly brewed in Vermont. Check it out!

I, on the other hand, opted for a new wine tasting (of course!) My parent had yet another gem just waiting for me to try:


This wine is one of those Chardonnays that does not disappoint. It’s buttery, and when served at the right level of chill, goes down just a little TOO smoothly. Split four ways, this bottle was gone in no time. (Especially since SOMEONE spilled a bit out of the bottle … not sure who that could have been. Certainly not me. I’m not even remotely clumsy).

After just a small taste, I moved back to water. Tonight is one of the first tastings of our Napa wine with my parents! I can’t wait to share some of our delicious findings with them and discuss the wineries we discovered them at on our trip!


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