One Napa Wine Goin’ Down Too Easy

As a pre-dinner treat, we opened one of our Napa wines. It is from one of my favorite wineries – Fontanella. This establishment is basically a two-person show, run by an amazing husband and wife team. During our visit to their winery, we were with the wife, who gave us marvelous insight into their operations, and allowed us to do a highly coveted barrel tasting:

They also offer these amazing kits that allow the person to make a cuvee or cab based on their preference of percentage of various varietals. VERY COOL! We probably would have purchased one, but instead decided to spend our allotted budget for this winery solely on wine. We purchased several bottles, but this is the one we chose to share with my folks:

A true Zinfandel, it was fruity and went down way too easily. With such a small bottle, and so many eager taste-testers, I was only allotted one small-ish glass before we were out of this souvenir. The bit I was able to enjoy, however, was smooth, with the most deliciously fruit smell preceding it. As food and wine pairing is a new concept for me, I am always on the lookout for wines that could potentially be consumed without a food counterpart. This one fits the bill. We had removed the dips from the room because Penny kept sticking her nose in the bowls, but it’s not QUITE time for dinner. This aperitif of a wine fit the bill like nothing else could.  As we were leaving Napa, this winery was just starting to seek out distribution in Chicago. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend checking it out.


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