The Bluest Monday Ever

Certain psychologists and researchers have determined that today, the third Monday in January, is officially the worst day of the year. Perhaps it’s all in the mind, but January is a month that seems interminable, and in 2011, there are FIVE Mondays this month. Too many, if you ask me. The weather in Chicago is atrocious, and people are starting to reach that “will winter EVER be over?” point. If you ask me, the cure for all this is some deliciously yummy food, some great and challenging new workouts and a “fake it ’til you make it” good attitude. Even if you feel like complaining, try to PRETEND you’re in a good mood – sometimes you can trick yourself into thinking that you are!

This morning certainly started off well, with a beautiful egg concoction from a very talented husband:

Today he included eggs, tomatoes and cheddar cheese with a bit of hot sauce to spice it up on a dreary Monday in January.

Lunch was typical BUT included my favorite flavor of Chobani Greek Yogurt – Pomegranate! I’m indescribably obsessed with this kind, and can’t help but smile every time I see it in my lunch bag 🙂

Tonight will be a leftover remix – time to get creative with what I’ve got on hand! I will also be finalizing the plans for my workouts the rest of this week. I’ve been hard at work looking through some fitness magazines and want to keep up the trend of challenging myself to try new exercises and push both my conditioning and weight training at the gym. It can be very painful while I’m there, but I never regret it after I leave!


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