Wonderful Sunday Night Dinnnnnnner

Even though we were distracted by the ridiculous Patriots/Jets game going on in the background, we still managed to put an amazing dinner on the table and enjoy it as a family.

To be quite honest, my dad a large portion of the work, and my parents have an amazing kitchen, envy of all who enter. The two major items they possess that I crave are their spice cabinet/rack:

And their amazing stovetop:, which works entirely through induction! Although I love my gas burners dearly, this is an alternative that provides the ultimate in temperature control, amazing ease of clean-up and an aesthetically pleasing workspace!

My dad used all these tools plus one of my faves (which we own and utilize often as well), the immersion blende
This beauty can be used for a variety of things, but in this case, it created the “glaze” that coated both the sweet potatoes and the turnip fries:

By the time dinner started, we had some marinated sirloin:

Some delicious sweet potatoes:

And some AMAZING turnip fries:

Someone made the mistake of leaving those in front of me during dinner and before I knew it, all of them had disappeared! My final plate (extraneous fries excluded) looked like this:

And my meat was cooked to perfection. I always enjoy when the inside looks like this:

I know it freaks some people out, but personally, I love a “medium rare” that is on the pinkish red side.

Dinner was perfect and on the side, we enjoyed another beautiful Napa wine:

We originally brought this wine because my dad told me he would be cooking salmon for dinner, and Pinot Noir is the perfect compliment to most salmons. It went quite well with the beef as well, however. This winery was our first stop on the second day of winery-hopping, and we loved not only the wines:

But also the beautiful scenery and architecture that came along with it:

There’s something amazing about enjoying wine with once-in-a-lifetime views from the wineries producing it:

It just makes things much more memorable:

It also makes drinking the wines after the fact much more memorable as well, as we think back on our experiences there while we sip. Cheers!


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