Back on the 5:30am Train

Today, it was back to the gym at 5:30am! I was a bit surprised at how many people were so early, but the crowd wasn’t NEARLY as bad as it is right after 5:00 for the post-work-workout group. I had my workout all mapped out – if I don’t plan ahead for a workout that early in the morning, I go on auto-pilot and end up completing a “rut routine” or just parking my butt on the Arc Trainer the whole time. This morning, my workout looked like this:

18 minutes arc trainer
3 sets of 15 squats on Bosu ball with ten pound weights
3 sets of 15 planks with knee twists
3 sets of 15 squeeze curl and lift with stability ball
3 sets of 15 reverse lunge sweeps

Quite a few of these items came from a recent article I found in SHAPE Magazine. It’s Brooke Burke’s celebrity workout, and it was a toughie! I also unfortunately forgot my water bottle at home, so in between each of my “circuits,” I had to make a trip to the water fountain to replenish. This, however, was a great way to start the day, and I will definitely be repeating this workout.

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