Day 1 of planning is a success

When Husband is not around to make breakfast  (as he did here, and here … oh and also, here), the meal is sometimes a bit devoid of creativity and well … effort. Knowing this, however, I decided to plan ahead. And it worked! At least for the first day. Last night, I prepared my lunch (nothing special, just a turkey sandwich and some greek yogurt). I also did everything to make the coffee other than press the “go” button. I planned my breakfast in my head, and all of this turned out to be very fortuitous because as predicted, I was running late!

After the gym, and a snowy walk with the pup, I pushed the coffee button, hopped in the shower and furiously prepared myself for work. Even with all these precautions, I still didn’t have enough time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, but I got it cooked up and ready to take with me. I was experimenting with a new grocery store find:

While one of these guys was toasting, I mixed up some Greek Yogurt and pumpkin. Husband has been telling me since Halloween that he is “Pumpkin’d Out” so I figured this was the perfect time to bring out one of the nine cans I bought when fall started 🙂


= great deliciousness.

After the waffle was toasted, I placed it on top, and put a little more protein on top:

Someone else loves peanut butter, too. She used the smell of an open jar as an excuse to extricate herself from the bed, where she’d been hiding out:

When it was all said and done, my breakfast looked like thus:

And my bag for work got filled up with this:

I love my lunchbox 🙂

Hopefully dinner will be equally successful, despite the fact that I didn’t plan it out ahead of time.


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