Penny Enjoys Da Bears

Penny woke up yesterday morning, thinking that it would be just another lazy Sunday for her to lounge around and nap.

And when I woke up, sore from Husband’s workout – going to the gym was not in the cards. I happily enjoyed an extra few minutes of shut-eye myself. Although Husband thankfully did not photograph what I looked like upon my waking up, I’m sure it was similar to Penny’s:

Confused, disoriented and just a little cranky.

Luckily, once we both realized that it was GAME DAY (which always entails wonderful food and drink surprises), we perked up immediately. There were many stages to her enjoyment of the game:

First she looked on with interest, while warming herself in front of my mom’s space heater.

Then she took a little nap because the Bears were so far ahead, she got bored.

After her nap, she decided to serve as a lookout in case there were any mean ol’ Seahawks lingering behind the couch.

FINALLY she participated in a beautiful Bears fan family photo, completing her dogly duties for Sunday afternoon football.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your busy day, Penny!

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