Another Bowl of Oats Heard From

One of the things I like best about oatmeal (other than that it is hot and comforting and the fact that you can eat a TON of it for hardly any calories) is that you can put almost anything in it, AND it tastes different almost every time I make it. Today was quite the mish mash of ingredients. I cooked the oatmeal with some frozen peaches, and after it was done, I added some plain Chobani Greek Yogurt, some pumpkin (of course!) and just a touch of brown sugar (because it tastes so good!). The end result looked boring:

But tasted absolutely amazing! I actually couldn’t even finish it all because I got full about halfway through. THAT is a breakfast I can count on. Also, lucky for me, Penny doesn’t really care for oatmeal. She will eat it if a bowl is placed in front of her, but she’s not so crazy for it that she tries to sit on my lap while I’m eating it. Thus, I can enjoy my breakfast in peace for a change.

One thought on “Another Bowl of Oats Heard From

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