The Workout that Made Me Sick

If you do a search online, there are numerous debates and theories about the pro’s and con’s of working out while you are sick. I’ve read most of them and debated in my head a zillion times about whether to work out when I’m feeling under the weather. There’s a certain guilt that goes along with illness when you’re a productive member of society: should I go to work? am I really sick enough to stay home? am I using this as an excuse? It all boils down to one thing in my mind. Listen to your body. You can usually tell, deep down, whether your body needs a workout, or whether it needs a rest. Unfortunately, I apparently have not learned to listen as of yet.

Twice in the past six months, I knew deep down that I was starting to fight off a virus, but opted to go to the gym anyway. I told myself going in that I would do a “light” workout (which according to all the articles I’ve read, is supposed to be good for boosting your immune system). Ultimately, however, once arriving at the gym, the plan goes out the window. I figure it’s a waste of my time to be at the gym and not go all out, and that there is always an opportunity to push myself. Additionally, usually when I’m at the gym and suited up, I feel fine.

Last night was just such an occasion. I skipped my AM workout because of a tickle in my throat, downed bottles of water all day long, and definitely felt better by closing time. My body felt tired, but I figured I could eek out a 15 minute session on the elliptical and I would feel much better. Upon arrival at the gym – things took a turn for the worse.

I had written out my workout as such:

Run a mile in under ten minutes
13 minutes on stair stepper
15 minutes on elliptical
3 sets of planks
-60 second plank
-30 second on each side
-10 Mountain Climbers with Ball

Foolishly, I decided to go for it. I ran my mile in about 8:30, and as if that weren’t enough, decided to run some sprints afterward. I felt great stepping off the treadmill, and headed for the stair stepper. I was about nine minutes in to this sweat bath when I felt VERY light headed. I pressed stop immediately and called it a night. I think it might have been too late.

I woke up this morning feeling decidedly worse than yesterday. Fail 😦

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