Sick = No Blogging!

I’m sure I COULD have posted while I was sick. I didn’t have anything life threatening, and all I was doing was lying around anyway. I most likely could have fit a blog post or two in over the past few days. So I’m sorry. But in addition to headaches, blocked nasal passages and a coughing fit or two, a symptom I almost always suffer when I’ve incurred an illness … is lack of motivation for anything that isn’t completely necessary. Fashion goes out the window. Showering isn’t superficial, it’s merely functional. Inspiration is hard to come by. Not to mention, I was not consuming ANYTHING interesting (my parents brought me a pizza on Friday, and that lasted me several meals), I was not working out (I’m a firm believer in about a week’s worth of rest) and I was consuming very little wine.

I work in an office, where, during the winter, we spend a lot of time in very close quarters. Disease runs rampant, and it’s very difficult to escape without a cold or two throughout the cold months. I’ve successfully avoided the sickness for quite some time, watching many of my co-workers drop like flies. When it was finally my turn, however, it hit me hard. In doing a little online research, I discovered an article on the common cold which revealed something very shocking (and fairly frustrating). If a person has a strong immune system, once they are infected with a cold, they are MORE likely to have a strong symptomatic response. All the yucky side effects that come along with a cold are actually the body’s response to the virus. So the stronger your immune system, the worse your symptoms will be! How do you like that? Working out, taking vitamins, probiotics, working out, eating well … all comes back to bite you!

I haven’t worked out all the details about how to best handle this, but rest assured that I will conquer the cold and its debilitating effect on my life! Step one: making good use of the Neti Pot. It’s gross, and it feels very strange … but it works!

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