The Bears Demise

Sunday was a sad day in Chicago. After a pathetic excuse for a football game, the Chicago Bears officially removed themselves from Superbowl Sunday. People everywhere are disappointed, but that didn’t keep us from enjoying some yummy food!

Since I slept at my parents’ house, my dad made me a wonderful breakfast to serve as a base for the day. It was absolutely glorious:

It was an egg Frittata with zucchini, peppers and avocado! Delish.

Later that day, watching the Bears game with friends, all of whom brought a snack type dish to share. Some of the highlights were:

Andrea made some ridiculously good taco dip!

I brought a meat and cheese with crackers spread. It came in a football!

Some people enjoyed some delicious adult beverages in the appropriate glassware:

Our friend Kitty made some delicious treats as well. I didn’t get a chance to ask her what all goes into these, but they were wonderful:

Everyone was hard at work in the kitchen!

Penny was ESPECIALLY in the spirit of things:

So even though the Bears let us down a bit, we had a good time with great food and amazing company!

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