Weekend Blog Posts (the road to recovery)

With Husband out of town, and my illness taking over my will to live šŸ˜‰ my parents swooped to the rescue. My mom was actually sick too, so they invited me over on Saturday night, and offered to feed me on top of all that! It was the perfect meal for two people who needed a little extra Vitamin D and something HOT! My dad made this beautiful concoction:

Delicious beef, mushroom and barley stew! It was served with warm bread and some tasty ‘taters, which unfortunately we gobbled most of before I could snap my picture (I was sick – off my game!)

We weren’t the only ones that thought dinner hit the spot. Penny was doing every trick in the book to get the beefy scraps left over:

Even if it meant pretending to pass out, so I’d leave the meat unattended:

Finally, I caved and she dove headfirst into her bowl. Luckily, she avoided a concussion (I think):

Normally, I would have asked my dad how the dish was made and at least attempted to post it here … did I already mention that when I’m sick, my motivation level goes down? I’ll just say I was conserving my energy for recovery. šŸ™‚


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