Clean the Cupboards Week

Last night’s post might have made a lot more sense if I had posted Monday night’s post first. Whoops! Well, enjoy anyway 🙂

Husband and I keep a budget, which is separated by several different categories. One of the many for our joint expenses, is the grocery category. We enter every trip to the store in a spreadsheet, and if we’re not careful throughout the month, we end up in a pinch for the last few days. Obviously, we aren’t skint, and if we needed to, we could go get food. But sometimes, like this month (apparently the LONGEST MONTH OF ALL TIME), we use it as an excuse to get creative! We will take turns this week figuring out dinners for ourselves using only what we have. It’s gonna be a fun ride. Husband went first, and came up with an extremely satisfying creation:

He combined chick peas, canned beets, canned olives (I tend to stock up on canned goods at various points throughout the year. You never know!) He also included onion and jalapeno with an assortment of spices. He drizzled lemon juice and Italian dressing on top, then let the concoction chill for a bit in the fridge. It was scrumptious! We had mini snack packs of kettle corn for dessert, and I’ve already started making our grocery list…

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