Some Very Odd Combinations

With Husband working late (as usual!), I was left to my own devices for a “scrounge together what we have left lying around” dinner. First, I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer. I got rid of some pretty scary stuff. It did, however, clarify what I had left to work with. I think I got a little overexcited. I made two dinners.

First, I put our rice cooker (another one of my favorite wedding presents!) to good use. Good ‘ole Oster:

Rice, of course, served as the base layer. In addition, I added some items from the freezer that were on their last legs, and a little freezer burned. An already-open bag of peas (who left THAT in the freezer!?) and a single veggie burger pack with an inch of ice on it. Don’t worry, I skimped a little on the water to compensate. I shut the lid, and left this device to finish. In the meantime, I made quick work of one of the two sweet potatoes left on our shelf. They have been there for a couple weeks, but in an airtight bag, and looked no worse for the wear. I washed one of them, poked some holes in it, and shoved it in the microwave. Five minutes, flipped it over and five minutes on the other side. When I took it out, it was a little dry. Not sure if I cooked it too long or it was because it was a little old, but I had plenty of ideas about how to spice it up:

We don’t use our “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” too often. Seemed like a good night to break it out. I also added:

There may be some confusion about what it is in the jar. Not pickles. Horseradish! Husband made it. Yum yum!

Also, never doubt the power of a little cheese:

ok well re-evaluating the picture below … it was more cheese perhaps than I initially planned. But it was darn good, and I love cheese!

The end result was quite the concoction. I’m sure Husband will be super upset having missed this:

Cheese also made an appearance in the final rice cooker product, of course. I mean, it was out, and smellin’ all delicious and stuff. So I added it to my veggie burger, rice and pea mixture, which came out sort of like a ricey, veggie version of Hamburger Helper. I only had a couple of bites, and put the rest of it away for the remainder of the week. Hooray for weird mix-y things!

3 thoughts on “Some Very Odd Combinations

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