Immune System Boost

So, NOW … Husband is sick. Hopefully he just caught what I had and I won’t catch back whatever he brought home. We are tired of being sick, so it’s time to put an end to it. Today, I cheated a little on the budget in the name of our sanity, and went to Whole Paycheck Foods and picked up a few essential ingredients to add to my rice dish from last night.  I picked up some mushrooms for Vitamin D. I also frequented the extensive salad bar to score some roasted garlic (one of my favorite foods to eat to avoid illness) and some beets!

I piled everything in a bowl and fired up the trusty old microwave!

Personally, I thought it was delicious. I don’t think Penny was convinced.

But, let me tell you … that did NOT stop her from begging! The dinner was delicious, even if I’m the only one that would have consumed it. I hope I didn’t overdo it on the garlic. I have a tendency not to know when enough is enough – I even had to quarantine myself at work once. It’s a powerful ingredient! Since Husband is sick, someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight, so I guess only Penny will know if my pores start leaking that garlic smell!

She does not like being interrupted for pictures while she’s watching American Idol.

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