Tic Tac Toe

Three days in a row this week I’ve had sushi for lunch. It’s probably too much (in terms of mercury) and I KNOW it’s more calories than I would normally consume during my midday break, but it’s one of my cardinal rules of life: if someone offers you raw fish wrapped in rice and avocado? Take it. Today, the sushi came from:

RA! One of my all-time favorite establishments for sushi, particularly cause one of my good friend’s bands, Georgetown, used to play there a lot!

To start, I munched on some warm and salty edamame for some soy-infused deliciousness:

I also stepped up my “roll” game today and ordered two different rolls instead of the mondo “rainbow” roll I’ve been ordering. I got the “Zonie Roll” – spicy salmon, cucumber, cilantro and jalapeno rolled with avocado and topped with Sriracha. I also tried out the “Mango Lobster” roll, for which the ingredients SHOULD be fairly self-explanatory.

That plus the nine bottles of water (and five mugs of tea) I’ve consumed today have added up to be more than satisfactory. I’m feeling ready to hit the gym again 🙂 Besides, I’ve always read that if you are trying to keep up your strength and avoid illness, you should eat protein! What better way to indulge in a wonderful source of protein than sushi for lunch?

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