Top Three Restaurants Featuring Healthy Fare

Fact: a lot of Americans are obese, or at the very least, overweight. Another fact: A huge factor in this outcome is the fact that a lot of people out out on a regular basis. At restaurants, fast casuals, etc … portion sizes are excessive and the use of butter and oils is more than gratuitous. That doesn’t mean, however, that a person interested in eating healthy foods has to forgo the fun of eating out altogether. They just have to plan ahead and choose wisely. At almost any eatery, a patron can request a “special order” that will severely cut down on the caloric count of the meal. There are a few places, however, that in my experience, are easier to eat clean at than others.

1. Jimmy John’s: while there are MANY high-calorie, meat-packed sandwiches  on the menu, there are also several smarter choices as well. The best option is to cut out the bread, which is where a lot of the calories come from in the first place. I almost always order an “Unwich” – a sandwich that utilizes lettuce instead of bread. Another useful aspect of this establishment is their online menu that allows you to add and subtract ingredients to your planned meal, while it keeps track of the nutritional information in it. This encourages forethought and attention to what you are consuming, which is important!

2. Seasons 52: I posted a review of this restaurant, so I know I’ve already publicly declared my love, but the fact that its whole concept is low-cal deliciousness is really attractive! The portion sizes aren’t paltry and they offer plenty of veggie options to help cut down on fat and calories.

3. Taco Fresco: This is perhaps my favorite place to get a burrito of all time. They offer an item called the “Healthy Chicken Burrito” – a delicious meal that doesn’t serve up too many calories, but definitely leaves you feeling satisfied, especially if you pour some of their quality salsa verde on top!

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