A New Pancake Recipes Sets Off Alarms

This morning, feeling better and in much better spirits, Husband had a goal. He wanted to make some delicious Bloody Mary’s! I figured if he was making those, we would need some food to go along with them as well. I started hunting for a new pancake recipe to try. I found this Chobani Pancake recipe and was sold immediately.

I started by gathering all my ingredients:

I opted to substitute Almond Milk for regular milk to save on some calories, and to experiment a little. The batter came out kind of thick and sticky, so I’m not sure if that substitution led to that result or not. It looked like this:

Husband also pointed out that we should have some eggs to go with our Bloody Mary’s. No idea why, but I wasn’t about to argue. I mixed some brown eggs, salt, pepper, dill weed, garlic powder and Srirancha in a bowl, and whisked away:

Meanwhile, I heated up the griddle, and threw some of the hot cakes on to start cooking. Because of the aforementioned thick and sticky texture, they were a little difficult to grapple with. The first batch of four got a little burned-ish. Our ever-so-sensitive fire alarm responded accordingly. It started beeping and hollering “Fire, Fire!” Husband dismantled the littler bugger, while Penny just went about her business.

I tossed in some spinach and mushrooms to give the eggs some extra oomph and perfected my pancake procedure so that the next few rounds turned out MUCH better. Breakfast ended up looking like this:

Of course, Penny got her own pancakes as well. It was only fair, since we didn’t give her any of these:

Recipe for the Bloody Mary’s:

Tall Glass (we used 22 ouncers)
2  oz of Vodka (we used Skyy)
Remainder of the glass gets split between Ditka’s Bloody Mary mix and Clamato (this cuts the acidity a bit)
Squirt of lemon juice
Two dashes of Worcestershire
A fair amount of Srirancha (depending on how spicy you like it)
Heaping spoonful of horseradish
Celery salt, celery and a Jalapeno Stuffed Olive for Garnish

What a lovely Saturday morning breakfast! I woke up and immediately put on a sports bra, so I KNOW I’m gonna make it to the gym today!

3 thoughts on “A New Pancake Recipes Sets Off Alarms

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