Breakfast in the House of Germs

Seriously? This never got posted? Good luck trying to figure out when this was from! 🙂 I think it was Thursday morning. Good thing I periodically look through these things to make sure none of my hard work is going to waste …

Because I am suffering from temporary OCD about Husband’s illness – the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was spray our entire apartment with Lysol disinfectant. Don’t worry, Husband had already left 🙂 He was on tv this morning, looking amazing! (Even though he said he REALLY didn’t feel good while he was on). Between the lingering smell of garlic and the pungent sting of Lysol, Penny was not a happy camper. She retreated reproachfully to her bed to escape my antics:

She sulked under the covers while I showered and made all my preparations for the day, which included a VERY special bag that hasn’t been put to use in a week!

My gym bag! I am so happy to see it all packed up and ready to go. I had originally planned to do an early morning workout, but then opted for getting a bit more immune-system-boosting Z’s and just face the after-work crowd today instead. I just have to remember NOT to push myself too much, as my body is still in recovery from last week, not to mention working to fight off whatever it is that Husband has! Don’t want a flashback to the workout that made me sick!

For breakfast, I entered the Lysol-infused kitchen to enjoy a simple meal, one that I have had MANY times in the past couple of weeks, but that never fails to start my day in a very happy way. Bread plus a couple of friends:

Peanut butter and honey with some deeeeeelicious pumpkin!

Make for a wonderful, filling and (hopefully) nutritiously sound start to the day, with the end product ending up a little something like this:

This whole process, of course, brought Princess Penny SPRINTING into the kitchen. She loves peanut butter as much as I do (Dare I say, even more!?) and she always gets a bit of it on the fridge to lick off:

It keeps her busy for at least a couple minutes, anyway!

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