Cabin Fever Friday

Again, apologies for not posting this yesterday, still very new at this remembering to hit publish thing!

As much as I would love it to be, every moment of life is not filled with excitement. Apparently, January has made it a goal to suck all the fun an excitement out of life. At least it’s almost over! We can all be happy about that 🙂

Getting back to the gym last night felt wonderful, and I have plans to return again today (and tomorrow!) I still wish I could do more while I’m there, since I basically parked myself on the Arc Trainer for 30 minutes and forced a slow pace out of my legs, despite motivation to do otherwise and a jammin’ playlist. Perhaps today I will also add in some weights to occupy myself!

Lunch today was the ultimate in leftovers-using. Which is not only an awesome new phrase, but a great way to clean out the fridge as we get ready to finally return to the grocery store. I combined fun and well-preserved memories from dinners past to create something that I’m sure grossed out anyone who saw it:

While I was at Whole Foods the other day, I picked up an amazing new treat to try (in addition to garlic and beets). It was a new brand of Greek Yogurt! I’ve stood firm as a Chobani devotee since beginning my love affair with Greek Yogurt, but thought I would give someone else a shot at my heart:

I was rewarded with a wonderful experience! I think that overall I still prefer Chobani (who knows where these brand loyalties come from!) but it was definitely a welcome change of pace.

Other consumable celebrations were had in honor of the fact that it’s Friday. While I spent a majority of the day consuming tea and water, like a good girl:

I did indulge in one of my good ‘ole friends and former addictions:

Hey, it’s Friday, right? The bad thing, however, is that now that I’ve had one … I want more! I tell myself that for every Diet Coke I have, I have to consume x amount of water. I haven’t settled on the appropriate ratio, but I’ll have to make it relatively high, other wise I will go back to drinking too much Diet Coke and not enough water.

Happy Friday!


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