Friday Night’s Alright for Stir Fry

Since I was in charge of dinner tonight, and I was looking to get creative, I cheated (again) and headed to the grocery store. I ended up relying on an old standby … stir fry! As Husband pointed out when I told him what we were having … I make this dish a lot. Definitely true, but it’s fairly easy, and a good way to include a lot of vitamins for those of us who might be sick … or were sick. SO! On with the stir fry! w

First I fired up our wok, with some olive oil at the bottom to be distributed evenly amongst all the ingredients:

I started with my all-time favorite veggie:

EGGPLANT! After cubing half of this beauty up and throwing it in, I added another ingredient that would take a bit longer to cook. This ingredient was brought to you via inspiration from my sister-in-law. Kristyn discovered the wonder that are Brussels Sprouts this week, and reminded me how much I love them as well!

These were quartered and tossed in the pot. They were soon joined by some other delicious components:

Garlic – of course! It’s a terrific supplement for an immune-system boosting stir fry. I didn’t use that much though! No fear of the stinky for us this time.



Carrots! Penny enjoyed a few pieces of these that I dropped on the floor during the chopping process.


Red peppers. These are delicious, and add a wonderful pop of color to any stir fry. I will never understand, however, why these gems cost more at the grocery store than green peppers. What’s up with that?


This is what my hands looked like after I finished quartering the beets. They came in a can, which I know is the easy way out. One day I will conquer the raw beet world.


This was some pork tenderloin Dan’s parents made for us a few months ago. We couldn’t eat all of it at the time, so we froze the leftovers. I just defrosted them in the microwave, chopped it up and tossed it in with the rest of the ingredients. It was a bit dry by itself, but when combined with everything else, it picked up a nice moisture and flavor.

The end product looked like this:

Plated, with a bit of Parmesan on top, it looked like this:

Penny begging for a taste looked like this:

It was a delightful dish, enjoyed by all. Penny eventually got a taste too. We chowed down in front of our tv, because we finally caught up on our Netflix! We watched “Youth in Revolt” and “Iron Man 2” – both were good, but “Youth in Revolt” was better :). I love Michael Cera!

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