Just when is it enough?

As I’ve posted in the past couple of days, I’ve been hitting up the gym, breaking my fast due to my illness last week. But in order to not put too much strain on my body, I’ve just been taking it easy, 30 minutes of moderate effort on the Arc Trainer. Yesterday, I decided to take it to the next level.

I created my own intervals workout on the treadmill. I kind of wish I had written it down to re-create/share, but since I was playing it VERY by-ear and trying to push myself just enough, but not too much, it was very spontaneous. I did approximately 2.5 miles, alternating between running, sprinting and walking, changing up the incline anywhere from 3%-12%. At the very end, I was starting to “cool down” and my iPod decided it wasn’t time for me to quit. Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” came on and I couldn’t help it – another sprint and run interval was tacked on to the end, even though I had previously thought my efforts were enough 🙂 I guess we can always do a little more than we think we can.

I followed up my treadmill workout with some light weights. I did four sets of bicep curls with about 15 pounds, which is lighter than i normally go. I also did seated push row, again with more reps but less weight. I added on a few rounds of crunches, and felt like my workout was a good compromise between working hard and pushing myself, but not taking it too far after a week off. Husband felt he struck the same balance, so we celebrated by purchasing protein shakes from the gym. Cheers!

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