Healthy Kitchen Staples

With a huge snowstorm headed toward Chicago, I figured it was the perfect time to think about the best way to stock the kitchen…

I am a terrible grocery shopper. I usually forget the list that I spend a painstaking amount of time making. I go when I’m hungry, which always leads not only to overbuying, but making purchases I never would have thought to make at another time. I don’t plan ahead, which I know means I end up going to the store far too often and wasting a decent amount of money. I buy too much of ingredients I need for one project and then let them go bad instead of figuring out other ways to use them. These are all things I need to work on, but my worst habit is that I have never really been able to get the hang of keeping my kitchen stocked with healthy staples. But if I WERE good at it, here’s what I’d have on hand:

– lowfat cheese
– yogurt
– eggs
– milk
– beans (black, red, pinto, dried, canned)
–  chicken or turkey (some kind of lean protein)
– fruits (frozen, fresh, any kind will do)
– veggies (same applies here, even most of the canned varieties are good)
– soup (low sodium if at all possible)
– whole wheat pastas
– peanut butter
– whole wheat bread

These are all things that can be made into a variety of dishes, and on a good week where I’ve done lots of planning and the moment is right, you can find most of these items in my kitchen. Sadly, this happens a lot less likely than it should, but it is one of my kitchen resolutions (more of these to come in future posts) that I am going to continue toward making a conscience effort to improve!


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