Almost snowed in to NYC!

Luckily, we got on the LAST flight coming out of La Guardia and heading to O’Hare. Chicago’s weather predictions: 20+ inches of snow, gusting winds and sleet. Time for a snow day!

I was planning to chronicle some of the highlights on my trip, but somehow accidentally forgot to bring my camera (even though it was on my aforementioned packing list). Turns out that it was no big loss – I really didn’t eat that much while I was gone, in between meetings and obligations. I did think a bit ahead and brought a baggie-full of granola (which was all consumed), an apple, a pear and a granola bar that were all eaten! Thank goodness for plane snacks.

Since we got back home JUST before it started blizzarding and such, I made a quick stop at the grocery store to load up on some essentials. I think that since I have technically been banned from grocery shopping for so long, I went a little overboard! I was glad to see some of my old friends again:

Greek Yogurt usually makes its way into our house even when we are technically on a grocery store hiatus, but it was nice to stare at all my choices in the store and stock up like the little squirrel that I am.

I also love having salsa around:

I was also STARVING, so I invested in a little treat to eat without too much preparation:

To add some nutritional value and diversity, I added a little of this guy on the side:

They were tasty, but I have to say, one of my problems with Lean Cuisine and all products of the like, is that while they are low in calories, they are also very small in portions! One of the many reasons I love veggies so much is that you can eat a ton of them with relatively low caloric intake. I guess all this means that while I enjoyed my taquitos, they will not become a regular addition to my diet and also I will be having a very vegetable-laden din din!


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