Pears and Butt Pain

Not that the two are related, but both were at the forefront of my mind upon waking up on Sunday morning. With a long to-do list in front of my business trips out of town this week, I knew I would want to get a workout in, and fuel up to get everything done.

My treadmill inclines (plus walking in heels) left my glutes feeling that familiar and wonderful burn that I know means it’s working! With some counsel from Husband, I decided on a gym routine that would build upon that in (hopefully) the perfect way. I started out with 15 minutes on the elliptical. I got the VERY last one! The gym was very packed for a Sunday morning in January. Guess people are keeping their resolutions longer than usual in 2011. Good for them! After hopping off the machine, I set up my own station in one of the studios. I pulled in a mat, ten-pound dumbbells and a stability ball.

I started with a set of 12 Reverse Lunge Curls to supplement my already sore booty. They felt like they did the trick! I then moved on to do some sets of planks, including Mountain Climbers with the Stability Ball. Even though I only took a week off the gym, these definitely made my core scream! I guess you lose muscle mass pretty quickly, but I wanted to make sure my core was tough for the trade show I’m headed to this week. Tons of hours logged on your feet require a strong core, or back pain is inevitable.

Lastly, I got in some good stretching to counteract my soreness, and took one more pass at cardio, clocking in a rockin’ 12 minutes on the Arc Trainer. It was a wonderful way to start a Sunday, which continued with my post-workout fuel. I had been dreaming of a peanut butter and pear munchie since bringing those babies home.

I utilized some leftover Chobani panackes, Jiff and 3/4 of a pear.

I created a couple of different layers, drizzled a LITTLE maple syrup on top, and then nuked it in the microwave for 30 seconds:

Enjoyed alongside a post-shower mug of Joe … it was the perfect combination!

The perfect start to a day of laundry, packing, cleaning and other odds and ends.

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