Saturday Shenanigans (and more sushi too!)

Through several twists and turns and changes of plans…we
ended up in the city with Kat and Brian on Saturday night. Here’s
what happened next: First, more sushi! Kat asked if I was ok eating
sushi for the fourth time this week, and as I stated here, I can’t turn it down! We went to
a lovely BYOB sushi joint, Kyoto. We had forgotten before
entering the establishment that you could bring your own booze, so
Husband swooped to the rescue. We sat down and before we could even
order, he had triumphantly returned with a bottle of red and a
bottle of white, to service any mood or taste. For the white, he
chose: And looked DARN
proud of it, I might add: The wine tasted crisp and delicious. It
was the perfect prelude for what Kat and Brian had in store for us
(they did all the ordering, and we liked it that way). Brian chose
something I had never in my life experienced, but am VERY glad I
got a chance to: Oyster Shooters!
This delightful appetizer contained fresh chilled oyster, served in
lemon soy-sauce with a quail egg, scallions and a dash of Tabasco!
Kat didn’t want to participate, so Husband, Brian and I each took
two. They were spicy, with a wonderful texture and hot aftertaste.
It was very different than anything I’ve ever tasted. Thanks,
Brian! Afterward, we quickly moved on to Kat’s choice: That massive pile
of sushi is otherwise known as the “Spicy Boat.” Even the man
sitting at the table behind us was impressed by its size. He asked
if he could take a picture of it show his friends before we dug in.
Of course, we obliged. He couldn’t believe we were going to eat the
whole thing. But … Four hungry peeps
DESTROYED those rolls. Included in our spread: Fireball Roll
(Unagi, Avocado, Spicy Tuna, Jalapeno with Truffle Oil with Wasabi
Oil), Spicy Tuna Tataki, Fiesta Roll (Tuna, Salmon, Jalapeno),
Dynamite Roll (Shrimp, Scallops and Unagi), Spicy Shrimp Tempura
and Spicy Crunchy Salmon. It was fiery, delicious and
oh-so-satisfying. We opened the red wine to enjoy with our feast:
We all enjoyed the
heck out of the Motos Liberty (except Kat, who doesn’t
like red wine). It wasn’t as deep as some Cabs I’ve had, but it
definitely went down well and complemented the spiciness of the
meal harmoniously. We lingered at the table until almost closing
time, talking and laughing. When it was practically closing time,
we made one more stop to continue the fun. We headed to Vaughan’s Pub for one last drink:
Brian and Husband
switched things up by having a beer, and Kat made a fabulous choice
with a Mimosa (they’re not just for brunch!) I stuck with my
wine, as usual. Why mess with a good thing? We had a good time,
enjoying one last beverage and watching this adorable group of
(highly intoxicated) girls dance their booties off: We were sad when
the night was over, but with Husband having to work the next day,
and the late hour … it was time to go home. Another night for the

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