Lunch Break at Home

Since we were snowed in all day, Dan and I have been working our booties off from our respective positions. He woke up first, so he got the “office,” while I got the kitchen table. It was quite entertaining to watch the snow falling from our patio’s awning, but even more ridiculous to see how Penny thought (every time!) that it was going to fall on her. She would run to the other end of the room and then bark at the window ferociously until she forgot why she was upset, and then settle down on her bed right near the offending patio door again.

With all that entertainment, plus a busy work “to-do” list, the morning passed in a coffee-fueled fury. By the time afternoon rolled around, we were definitely ready for our faux, at-home lunch break. I started with:

With all the germs floating around, the traveling I’ve been doing, etc … I have been trying to get vitamins in wherever I can to keep my immune system strong! This Vitamin Water, Mega-C claims to have all the essentials for doing just that – zinc and Vitamin C … I guess we’ll see if it works 🙂

Meanwhile, Husband whipped up a tasty tuna salad combo:

He made it by combining some canned tuna with Greek Yogurt (my dad asked us today, “Does EVERYTHING you eat have Greek Yogurt in it?”). I know I personally like to incorporate whenever I can, as evidenced here and here and here. It just adds a great texture and taste element, not to mention the bonus protein! He also added some diced celery. Penny enjoyed her own stalk:

He also added some spicy mustard and Dill, salt, pepper and Paprika … He put it on our favorite, low-calorie bread, Healthy Life Bread. It really hit the spot:

Husband has been talking about making our own pizza since I got home from New York. Unfortunately, when I stocked up at the grocery store … I neglected to buy shredded cheese. I am taking a break from it! So, that being said, we’re not sure what’s for dinner, which is always exciting, and we have decided that today, for our workout, since we can’t drive to the gym … we will be putting on our snow pants and having a SNOW WORKOUT! We’ll see how that goes.


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