Snow Day Frittata

Since we woke up this morning to Chicagoland looking like this:

We knew we would be working from home. We decided to fuel ourselves up for a day of hard work by preparing a CHOttata! We fired up the broiler and followed the recipe provided by Chobani exactly (except we used 6 eggs instead of 8).

You combine eggs, plain Chobani and some salt/pepper.

You sautee mushrooms, onions, garlic, spinach … anything else you’d like to add to the mix in an oven-safe pan on the stove. We chose to use our trusty old cast iron skillet. Then, you combine the eggs with the mix-ins, and cook stove top for a few minutes, covering the pan:

Afterward, you toss it in the broiler (which is very exciting for me because we almost never use our broiler, and I love utilizing all our tools!) You let it get nice and brown, and then pull it out when it looks good enough to eat!

*Please note Husband’s use of the amazing ‘Ove Glove. Yet another amazing gift from my parents that we probbbbbbbably couldn’t live without.

All that’s left to do after that is serve it! We added a little Srirancha to ours because we are nuts and like to put hot sauce on everything:

AMAZING! Such a good start to the day. Penny also loves hot sauce, so she was definitely jonesing for a tasty piece:

Her face is definitely still a little sleepy. She hates/loves week days when Husband and I have to stay home because while she loves seeing us, she would normally be sleeping right now. So we are disrupting her schedule. She will spend a better part of the day with her rawhides (I purchased a huge bag yesterday in anticipation of the snow!)

Meanwhile, working from home means I have a hot date with my computer and my Valentine’s Day mug full of coffee!

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