Snowpocalypse 2011

There is a HUGE blizzard happening outside, and even more weather on the way. Husband and I decided that it would be a great time to make some amazing food. We haven’t had a lot of dinners together lately, so it was a special occasion. Before any of the prep started, however, Penny had to go outside:

Doesn’t she look warm? Her mom wasn’t about to send her out into the elements without the proper accouterments. That would just be irresponsible. Hee hee.

On with the food! Because it was such a special occasion, I decided to prepare an “appetizer” to greet Dan with. I took my FAVORITE fruit, avocado (as evidenced here and here and here … just to name a few), and sliced it up, spicing it up with just a bit of salt and pepper.

I wanted to add a “cheesy” element (you know, cheese and crackers?) but at the moment, cheese and I are taking a bit of a break. Husband purchased a huge bag of shredded cheddar cheese, and I just ate too much of it … best example of this here. As a substitute. I used another one of my faves:

I love Laughing Cow. It’s only 35 calories per wedge and it comes in a ton of flavors! The “Creamy Swiss” flavor seemed appropriate for our highbrow apps. The final element was one of my favorite crackers:

The end product (which we both agreed tasted very delicious!) looked like this:

We discovered that the best method was to take a bit of cheese and spread it on the cracker, add a slice of avocado, and chow down! I’d like to tell you that we didn’t use our fingers to spread the cheese, but then there would just be this awkward lie between us.

After a small respite from eating (this snack was surprisingly filling), we started on dinner. I, however, was kicked out of the kitchen, as Husband took over. He was making one of his specialties, Bean Burgers!

Here’s how to make them:

Pour one can of black beans, including the juice, into a medium sized bowl.

Add spices – tonight, he used salt and pepper, paprika, celery salt, Srirancha
Add diced vegetables – tonight, he used minced onions and minced jalapenos

If you have an immersion blender, this works best. Blend your mixture until you reach a thick but creamy consistency. A food processor will also work, but we love our blender. See Husband using it below, but refusing to pose for a picture:

and also a picture of the ACTUAL blender, in case you are interested:

Ours was a gift to Dan from my dad for Christmas last year – and we love it!

Back to the recipe:
Once you have your bean concoction in its proper puree form…
Add breadcrumbs – we eyeball the amount, but usually use about 1/2 cup, and add more as needed to create a doughy consistency.

Shape into patties – size and shape are totally up to you – the size of these patties will not change at all with cooking (unlike beef or turkey patties)

Turn a pan on to medium heat and throw the bean burger on there! Keep in mind that the larger your patty, the harder time you will have manipulating and controlling it.

Cook until done! You should only flip it once (like a normal burger), and it will start to brown and crisp on the outside to let you know that it’s done. It’s bean, not beef, however, so if it’s undercooked, that’s no problem!!!

Husband topped our bean burgers tonight with some sauteed spinach and mushrooms (one of my all time personal faves), but it could be topped with anything, and sometimes we go with themes, like the “Fiesta Burger,” which might come with cheddar and salsa. Or the “Greek Burger,” which might have feta and olives. Totally depends on your taste.

Tonight, we served our main course alongside some roasted Brussesls Sprouts and baked Sweet Potato. Husband bucked tradition in baking these Sprouts. First he boiled them for about ten minutes to soften them up, and then he tossed them in the oven (450 degrees) for about 15 minutes (the potato was in there for 30). It’s not how I do it, but … hey! Different strokes for different folks:

The end result was delicious, full of vitamins and the perfect hot meal for a “blizzard-y” winter evening.


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