Finally, the arrival of homemade granola!

As I resolved previously, I wanted to try my hand at making homemade granola. I figured with a couple of trips looming in the immediate future, it would be the perfect time to bake a healthy snack that can easily be transported in a plastic bag. I started by mixing all our remaining oatmeal (Husband, put oatmeal on the grocery list!) in a bowl with some brown sugar. In another bowl, I mixed maple syrup, vegetable oil and a little bit of salt.

Since a lot of these ingredients were taken from our pantry, Penny took this opportunity to investigate:

She did not care for my interrupting her.

After Penny and I mixed everything together and spread it on a baking sheet, we popped it in the oven for an hour. The smell of the granola baking alone would be enough for me to make it every day of the week. So sweet and delicious without being at all overbearing. The end product was definitely what I would call a sweet success:

I packed some up in a sandwich bag to eat on the go – this is definitely a habit I could get used to.


3 thoughts on “Finally, the arrival of homemade granola!

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