Only Office Lunch this Week

Because of travel, snow and future travel (not travel TO the future – this is a reference to yet another business trip we are taking tomorrow), I have not spent too many lunch hours in the office this week! I was excited about today’s though, because I had some excellent leftovers to tide me over. Husband very graciously allowed me to consume the leftover bean burger from the other night! One of the greatest aspects about this meal is that it keeps well for future lunch packing! I actually ate it cold, on bread with just a little bit of spicy mustard. Yumm-o!

In addition to my morning Chobani snack, I needed an afternoon fix, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoy

I realize this goes against both my pledge to drink less Diet Coke and also to consume fewer processed/pre-packaged goods. But they were staring at me! I decided to live a little 🙂 Husband and I have also already come up with a spectacular plan for the gym and dinner tonight …

One thought on “Only Office Lunch this Week

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