Who needs a gym to work out or cheese on their pizza?

Immediately after our “work at home” days ended, Husband and I decided it was time to go to the gym. Only when we walked outside, we were met with some sights that didn’t jive so well with that idea:

We decided the first part of our workout would be digging out our cars so the lil’ Bobcat that Could would be able to plow our parking lot efficiently:

With some help from our amazing neighbors, we dug out in no time at all. That meant it was time to come up with a “snow workout.”

We started by running laps around our apartment building in the deeeeeeeeeeeep snow:

Then we did literal mountain climbers up and down the huge mounds of snow that were built up even further by plowing:

Then we did snow lunges and snow squats:

After that, we devolved into snow handstands, push-ups, vigorous snow angels, among other made up snow workout fun. It was just as good as a gym session, and by the end, I was sacked:

I was more than happy to retire to the couch and drip snow melt while Husband cooked up a storm in the kitchen. As I mentioned, he had pizza on the brain, and decided not to let my ban of shredded cheese stop him!

He used a Boboli Whole Wheat Crust (we determined that we will never use a pre-made crust again – we’re going to learn homemade and use it from now on!)

First, he spread garlic infused olive oil on the crust.

Then, he pureed some garbanzo beans and spread the mixture on the crust.

He added spices: marjoram, salt, pepper and oregano.

He added a thinly sliced layer of eggplant.

He added a thinly sliced layer of green peppers and mushrooms, with some diced peppercini.

He put the whole kit and kaboodle in the oven at about 450 degrees for about 12 minutes.

In the meantime, he had a small pot of balsamic vinegar boiling (open a window while doing this – it stinks!)

Another pot of tomato sauce with crushed garlic and salt/pepper, paprika, chives and oregano bubbled on medium/high heat on another burner.

He let the pizza cool a little, and then drizzled on his balsamic reduction on top. All this was topped with just a bit of grated Parmesan, but didn’t include ANY shredded cheese. We used our beloved pizza paddle to take it out of the oven.

Husband geniously served the red sauce as a dipper for the pizza. I mostly used it to soak up the last bites of my crust – it was delicious! I’ll never put shredded cheese on my pizza ever again!

7 thoughts on “Who needs a gym to work out or cheese on their pizza?

  1. The pre-made dough at Trader Joe’s is pretty damn good–and they have 3 varieties. I definitely recommend for something as a step between Boboli and handmade.

  2. That pizza looks REALLY yummy and beautiful. Looks like you had fun in the snow. You and husband need to invest in a snow shovel, I think!

  3. It WAS delicious :).

    Nicole, I’ve used that pre-made dough before myself. We might try that … orrrrrrrrr just dive in headfirst to making our own! hahaha!

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