In which we act like we’re on Top Chef

On “Top Chef,” they are always “deconstructing” things. It looks delicious and creative, but like most everything else, I sit in awe, rather than imagining how I could re-create the dish at home. Enter Clean Eating Magazine. It’s a publication that I recently subscribed to, excited for all the wonderful recipes that would come along. Even though my first issue has not yet arrived, I decided to search their website and online archives for a dinner idea that incorporated some ingredients we already possessed. I found it: Deconstructed Lasagna. While we didn’t have ALL the components, we had most, and ideas about replacements for the ones we were lacking.

We started by chopping up all our vegggggggggies:

Husband took the onions because they always make me cry!

I handled the eggplant and the carrots because they seemed safe. I tested the eggplant by seeing if Penny would want some. She did.

Husband sweated the onions and garlic:

Then we made our “substitutions.” The recipe called for Ricotta Cheese and diced Tomatoes. We had neither, so we substituted for :


I squished the tomatoes, just like Mario Batali taught me to! Then I combined the mixture with the cheese and some basil:

Meanwhile, we prepared our pasta component in boiling water on the stove:

We covered the vegetables with a lid to simmer them a bit before adding the spinach.

Finally, all the ingredients were done, and it was time to mix it all together in a big bowl! I love this set of bowls, by the way. They were a present to us from my Godmother from Crate & Barrel. HIGHLY recommend:

So we, put it in a bowl and topped it with some Parmesan!

The bottom line, is that, yet again – who needs shredded cheese!?!?!?


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