Packing for a Business Trip

No matter how often I travel, I cannot force myself to not
hate packing. I am always afraid I’m going to forget something, not
to mention that I’m not very good at predicting what I will want to
wear in advance. Most of the time I’m sick of an outfit after I’ve
had it on for five minutes, so choosing two days in advance is like
pure torture. I have, however, developed a method that at the very
least, streamlines the process so it doesn’t last as long. First, I
make a list of what I need, using this awesome website, Ta Da
Lists. I try to go through the whole trip mentally, adding in
ingredients for my trip as I go: I try to be as
specific as possible, so that I get all of the thinking out of the
way upfront. Then, later, I can just throw things in from the list.
To that end, I pick a wonderful movie for packing inspiration. In
this case, a suggestion made by Kristyn turned out to be both
topical and inspiring: Add in one
fantastic packing partner: And everything
falls into place. I start making outfits and throwing everything on
the bed to go in the suitcase, utilizing the tools my mom has
graciously bestowed up on me – a travel jewelry container and a
liquids bag! Eventually, the
chaos ends, the checklist is finished (aside from the items I will
have to pack the morning of departure because … well, I have to
use them!) Once packing is over, I am much relieved to not have to
think about it again until it’s time to UNpack 🙂

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