Cheapo Wine Contest

Lots of people review great wines. There are tons of
websites dedicated to letting the public know where to invest
hard-earned money on libations. Not as much, however, is dedicated
to letting people know about the affordable kinds. It is my aim to
change that fact. Hence, the first installment of “Cheapo Wine
Contests” Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. The first contenders
came from our local grocery store. We picked up two different
brands of Shiraz. The first contender was $3.50. Even at a first
sniff, it was pretty obvious that this wine was … lacking
something. The smell was overpoweringly alcoholic, without any
strains of fruit, grape or otherwise. The taste matched the
expectations created through smell. Classically, the Shiraz is
characterized with a big bold flavor, blackberries, plums, spices.
This was decidedly the OPPOSITE of that. It was thin and weak, with
a grainy aftertaste. The alcohol permeated the taste of the wine as
well, making it much less enjoyable to sip. Husband tasted notes of
grapefruit and cherry, but felt it was entirely too dry. I will
mention, however, that because we did not care too much for this
kind, we corked it up with our wine vacuum and tried it again the
next night, which I actually felt improved the taste a bit. This
impression could be tainted, however, with my lowered expectations
from it the second time around. It wasn’t too surprising that such
a low-priced wine came in with such low ratings, but we thought it
would be interesting to see what only two more dollars gets you.
Enter the second contestant: Yellow Tail!
Sniffing this wine was much more rewarding. There were hints of
cherry and blackberry. Even the color was better – much richer,
with darker tones of purple. It smelled a bit sweeter to me – I
caught a tune of freesia underneath (Husband said I was nuts on
that one!) There were definitely tannins spread throughout, but
they weren’t as obvious, which made this wine much more palatable.
There were tones of chocolate that made the taste a bit sweeter as
well. We had no problem sharing the rest of the bottle. In the name
of research, of course! The bottom line for us was that while
neither wine will ring your chimes if you are an avid lover of
Shiraz, it was definitely better to spend the extra couple of
dollars to spring for the Yellow Tail. Once this contest of
comparisons progresses a little further, we’ll be able to make more
recommendations about the varietals that are best for skimping on
and which you shouldn’t bother with (in our humble opinions, of
course!) For now, let’s just say that the Yellow Tail Shiraz is not
the best wine we’ve ever tasted, but it wasn’t half bad. For a
first contest, it was nice to have a clear winner.

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