Breaking the Gym Fast

Despite our mid-week snow workout, the rest of the week’s shenanigans made getting to the gym fairly impossible. When I finally stepped inside a gym on Friday evening, I was like a kid in a candy store, and I didn’t know what to do first. I set out to create a circuit for myself and it looked like this:

-13 Wide Ball Squats with an eight pound medicine ball
-12 Wood Choppers with a an added Side Lunge, using an eight pound medicine ball
-20 lateral shoulder raises while walking around the gym with five pound weights
-45 second planks with Spiderman leg raises
-10 shoulder presses that continue in to a pushup (sort of like a modified Burpee  I read about it in a magazine, but cannot for the life of me remember which one at this point).
-10 Single Leg Lunges with ten pound weights (I learned this from trying to be like Kim Kardashian haha!)
-20 Bench Presses with ten pound weights

It was a lot. Sometimes, if I take time off and then go back, I get a littttttttttle overzealous. After I was finished with my “circuit,” I hopped on the elliptical for an easy 20 minute cool down.

The next day, I wanted to keep up the pattern but knew I’d have to to keep it to a minimum or risk certain muscle death 🙂 I decided to work on my running in the hopes of fulfilling one of my Fitness Fantasies. It is substantially harder to run in a muggy climate, particularly when you are used to the frigidity of Chicago! I made it through about a mile and a half, running, walking, sprinting, uphill, downhill, etc. Then I parted ways with the treadmill and hit up my old friend, the elliptical for another 20 minutes.

I can categorically say that I have not been this sore in QUITE some time. Even though I planned to take a day off after all those gym shenanigans, Mother Nature had other plans in mind. In anticipation of my parent’s return from Spain, Husband and I wanted to make sure they had at least SOME way to get to their house once they arrived. We shoveled for quite a bit, and had still only cleared this much:

Heavy, wet and more than 20 inches deep after two snowfalls and major drifting, my body certainly did not get total rest today. What a way to welcome it back to activity!

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Gym Fast

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