Eating on the Run

With all the commotion of the week (traveling to NYC, traveling to Miami, Chicago’s third worst blizzard ever…), it was difficult to get in nutritious and creative breakfasts. By Friday, I didn’t think I had anything left in me. BUT, going in to auto-pilot mode meant combining two things I was craving at the moment, which turned out to be a cosmic act of fate. DELICIOUS! It didn’t look like much:

But apparently, sometimes the most unassuming of breakfasts can be oozing with yummy flavor. I took a double chocolate chip VitaTop and plunked it in a bowl of Vanilla-flavored Chobani! The result was quick, wonderful and packed with vitamins and protein. The perfect thing to scarf down on the way to the airport and keep me full through yet another time change and busy day of meetings before being able to eat.


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